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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  May 20, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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wayne newton. a company suing the las vegas legend says newton is guilty of sexual harassment and animal abuse. ♪ hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine ppirro. she has been gone for four weeks, missing from her tucson, arizona home since april 21. new details in the case may point to the suspect. >> someone broke in and grabbed her. >> judge jeanine: police released multiple 911 calls from the morning isabel vanished. >> she is only six. hurry, get somebody over here. >> after rushing back from work, her mother gets on the phone with 911, panicked. >> who notice her gone, your husband? >> my husband. i went to work this morning at 7:00 and i didn't check on her.
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i should have checked on her. >> okay. all right. just take a deep breathe. >> isabel's father sergio also speaks to an operator but he is calm. >> i want to report a missing person. my little girl is 6 years old. i believe she was abducted from the house. >> why did you think she was abducted? >> i have no idea. >> judge jeanine: his tone is asual. never anxious and at one point he even laughs. >> is mom there also? >> she has just left for work. i called her and told her to get her butt home. >> judge jeanine: child protective services reportedly visited the celis home in december for undisclosed circumstances. comes a week after cps banned sergio from having contact with his other kid, two boys, ages 14 and 10. what is really going on inside the celis home? paul birminghaming ma'am is a news director for 790 knst in
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tucson, arizona. paul, what is the latest? >> the latest is a candle light vigil was held last night near the celis home attended by hundreds of people including friends as well as becky celis, isabel's mother. she defended her husband said what a great father he is, how much he loves isabel and loves his two boys and essentially was pretty defensive when it comes to talking about her husband sergio. >> judge jeanine: and, of course, paul, we know that he is no longer allowed in the home. he is no longer allowed near the boys. but what we are also hearing are anonymous unconfirmed reports, paul, that isabel left a message on the wall in her closet. what can you tell us about that? >> we started hearing about this on thursday. the claim is that there was some sort of writing perhaps a message from isabel.
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it is unclear where this originated. there were statements by sergio in one of the interviews that he provide where he talks about the fact that there was writing and crayons and her words and essentially that she was everywhere in the house. as far as that message in particular, police were asked directly about it and they said they had no knowledge at least the public information officer had no knowledge and even if they did that is not something they would be able to disclose. >> judge jeanine: and the public information officer wouldn't but it is kind of curious that a rumor like that got started, don't you think? >> it is, indeed. and again it is unclear exactly where this may have emerged, whether it was a family friend, somebody close to the investigation who wanted to get this out to essentially see what the fallout could be. so we will just have to wait and see if -- when police provide another briefing on monday if at that time they are willing to discuss that. >> judge jeanine: and paul, final question, you are in the community. what do you think happened to
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screen that is knocked out the individual has to know the interior of the house. know what dogs or animals are around and it sounds very much like some kind of an inside job. >> judge jeanine: mark, what about the 911 call? >> you know, when you hear the call, i have never heard a parent or a victim's family member use the word abducted in my entire police career. certainly the media has educated people but it seems that when there is a situation that gets out of hand and it is not really what they intended
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now they rely on some of the things that they can make people believe. and abductions of children seems to be one of the most popular. >> judge jeanine: go ahead, joey. >> as to the tone. i think everyone reacts differently. >> i knew you were going to say that. you are defense attorney, of course, you are going to say that. >> some people are hyper and stressed out. some are them are calm. >> have you seen him on tv? he is a mess. >> i don't think we should hang a hat on that specific issue. >> judge jeanine: we're not. we are just starting. >> have you ever heard a father say of a missing child told my wife to get her butt home and start laughing. that is not normal. >> it as nervous reaction. >> judge jeanine: mama says my husband is a great father last night. we know five months ago cps was there and investigated someone in the family over the children. he has to leave the house. couldn't even go to the vigil because one of the sons there was and can't have contact with his own sons.
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what does that tell you? >> tells you first there is obviouslyin something going on with the police and prior actions in the household that would keep the father who the newspapers say is an opera singer, away from the children. it isn't that he is a drug dealer apparently. there is something going on. >> it is a relates to the kids, right, mark? >> that puts the kids in danger. >> we don't know what kind of prior acts or something to do with the investigation. >> judge jeanine: but they were there five montes before the abduction. >> but we also had susan powell and that husband who probably killd that woman, no doubt did, killed both children and set the house on fire. i think cps a a little bit onguard. that is one thing. the other thing is i never saw cps take children away from a natural parent that wasn't a suspect. >> that is a fair point. i think one of two things, judge, as i see it. either there is some type of neglect or abuse going on or in the alternative, they are
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protecting him and protecting the children because maybe somebody means harm to him so as a result of that if you get him away from the san air are yes the kids are -- scenario the kids are now safe. >> judge jeanine: do you buy that, mark. >> there could be many things going on here. could be coaching the kids. could be influencing the kids. could be manipulating their statements when interviewed by the police or convincing them that something didn't happen or did happen. this goes on quite a bit. >> judge jeanine: i had a lot of cases where kids are pointing a finger at the parent and you get the kids away from the parent. what do we know about the parents by the way? >> the record says there is a little bit of substance abuse going on in the family. some traffic problems. had some brushes with the law with dogs. this is kind of unusual which is really funny because you have got to be a problem person in a neighborhood before somebody goes.
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>> complains about the dogs. >> goes to that much effort. >> judge jeanine: but there was a prior arrest of her, the mother for driving under the influence with a child in the vehicle. >> she has got a drinking problem and she has a repeated drinking problem. and then she has a driving problem, too. she can't drive and drink. >> and he had the same problem. >> we don't know exactly why the police were called in to the household also something was going on in the household and i think that there may be an issue here that social services or the police could have done something five months guy that would have prevented what is going on now so that there might be some kind of defensive actions being taken. >> judge jeanine: very interesting. dr. baden, mark and joey, stay with us. now, they say that the best defense is a good offense. find out how one suspended nfl player is turning the tables on roger gudel. and wayne newton's days of wine and roses may be he over. claims of sexual harassment and
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>> judge jeanine: nfl commissioner roger gudel sued for defamation by a new orleans saints player suspended in the bounty scandal. he says that jonathan velma put up $10,000 for a player to knock out brett favre out of a playoff game. he says it is not true. brian balldinger analyst for the nfl network be joins us along with joey jackson and fred. is it a smart move for someone in the nfl to sue the commissioner of the nfl and how does it bode for his future in football. >> he is winding down his career. not a good move. seems like a knee jerk reaction to the suspension laid down on him because of his involvement
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or supposed involvement in the bounty. but i don't think it is a good move. i mean it is a personal attack on the commissioner. it is unprecedented in sports. i don't know how he can. >> it is unprecedented. >> no player has ever sued the commissioner. >> interesting. all right. >> on any term. it is unprecedented. i don't know that he can win this. but he can be rein stated, though. i think the commissioner can take the personal attack away when the suspension is up, i think he can be rein stated and still play. >> if he appeals the suspension does goodell make the appeal on the decision of the suspension. >> and the execution. >> judge jeanine: what does he have to gain by this then? >> there is an image and reputation to uphold and i understand that and that is the reason he is doing it. legally speaking it is going no where. think about this. you have to prove that the commissioner is saying these things without foundation or otherwise reckless in doing it.
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i'm not suggesting that jonathan vilma did anything. that is to be determined. but you a defamation lawsuit in this particular context not going win at all. >> in legal terms isn't the reason why he is doing this is he wants the commissioner to show his hand. he has been suspended and they have not produced any evidence that he was involved. >> ultimately under the collective bargaining agreement the commissioner has to show h his hand. when you shoot at the king you better kill him. yoin he wants to play footballe is going to be playing for the taiwan hawks. the defamation suit, joey is 100% right. he has to show that goodell knew he was wrong and did it anyway. >> that is why the penalty has been to
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egregious. >> this is a $9 billion industry that is going to go to $20 billion and if they want to grow it the way they want to grow it they have to make it trans parent. to the underbelly of the league that was all these things going, bounties and steroids and all this stuff going on, they have to clean it up. >> judge jeanine: there was a warning shot. they said you have to stop it and they didn't stop it. here is the problem because he can't prove actual malice because roger goodell is not going go out and lie about something. is his career over? he is bound by a collective bargaining agreement. if the appeals the suspension goodell says you are out of here. without a charge, without a jury, nothing. >> i don't think so and here is why. are it could be over in the standpoint he is new hampshire his 30s, he has haded a long
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career and we have a small window of when we can play. if he has to sit out this year. he was not to take any contact on. eligible to be rein stated. the saints already replaced him on the roster. whether that is a long-term replacement or not, i don't know. here is a guy that is sort of slandered. he has this thing about him right now about this suspension. and if he is eligible next year who is going to take a chance on him. >> judge jeanine: exactly. i wish we could talk about this longer, guys. you are fascinating the three of you. great panel on this. brian, thank you so much for being with us this evening. and joey and fred stay with us. now, wayne newton won't be singing. a new lawsuit makes claims of sexual harassment and animal abuse. and now another mom missing. where is heather hodges? gone almost six weeks from her virginia home.
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>> judge jeanine: wayne may be singing more than the blues which we didn't just hear and the company named csd sued the vegas legend saying he is delaying the conversion of his 40-acre estate to a tourist attraction. it doesn't end there. the lawsuit makes claims of animal cruelty and sexual harassment by newton. joey jackson and fred are still with us. all right, guys, what i don't understand about the lawsuit is it is an eviction lawsuit seeking to move wayne newton, his wife and mother-in-law it seems out of their property. how does animal cruelty and sexual harassment play into a construction lawsuit? >> it doesn't. >> well, look, the bottom line, it's wayne's world, leave him alone, fred. the bottom line here absolutely, it is retal torrey.
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they are talking about wins and this dirt and being penguins and this dirt. wasn't the amazing race filmed here. the season finale in 2009. it looked perfectly pristine to me. you have to think there is something else here that is amis and maybe it is retaliation. >> judge jeanine: for what? >> if you look at wayne newton going back to 1992 he had tough financial issues. had to declare bankruptcy. was recently served for $500,000 unpaid wages for a pilot. >> he owed the irs $1.5 million. any one else would be in jail for that. >> he sold the thing for $20 million and then decided he didn't want to move. he just wanted to hold on to the $20 million. >> what is wrong with that? >> nothing wrong with it. nice work if he can get it. >> judge jeanine: what doesn't make sense. the construction company said the place is a mess. i understand the associated press was there in 2010 and looked great. by the way, when the company
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bought the joint didn't they take a look at it? >> exactly. you mean you would buy a $20 million estate and not check out and make sure that the penguins are healthy. i would. >> you would because you have all that money. somebody like me would look. >> judge jeanine: don't you think it is strange that they put in the lawsuit the son truck company that he could be sued for sexual harassment because he is kissing the horse trainer. >> there is underpinnings that are more suggestive than kissing somebody. >> it is your employer, that is an issue. >> it is the degree gus onshore or there of. >> the with the allegation of the animal cruelty. when i was a d.a. i prosecuted animal cruelty. i went looking for the the cases.
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if penguins are dying, the horses are in trouble, i mean what is going happen to wayne? does he care? >> it is funny. i remember stories about siegfried and roy and the tigers and the peta people going throughout. if he is doing that it would amaze me that he is able to get away with it for this long. >> it as factual question. if it is fabricated or embellished is quite another. >> judge jeanine: wayne newton says look at the end of the day i was going to sue him and he heard i was going to sue him so now he is suing me first. anyway, stay with us. the search continues for missing mom heather hodges. our criminal experts are on the case. and the fbi tracking a cell phone of a man wanted for the murder of his bride found dead in the bath tub in her wedding dress. [ male announcer ] research suggests the health of our cells plays a key role
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throughout our entire lives. ♪
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time girlfriend. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "justice" with judge jeanine. >> judge jeanine: the search continues in virginia for missing 22-year-old mom heather hodges last seen on april 9 by her boyfriend. she leaves behind her two-year-old daughter, purse and cell phone. joe. >> jackson, fred dr. michael baden and mark fuhrman join us again. a mother, caring mother close to her are own mother and family who goes to her boyfriend's house. her sister is supposed to pick her up that night. we know that the boyfriend says that she is sleeping when the sister comes to get h her and now she is missing and disappeared. so, i guess the question is he is the last to see her. he can't explain her
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disappearance. why are the police saying "we do not have a crime"? >> well, i can't see why they are saying that but it is pretty obvious that when the sister calls and he says she is asleep that was probably at a time there had already been a crime occurred so start the timeline just before that or significantly before that since the last time she was seen. but you don't have to have a crime. the job is of police work to find out if there is a crime sometimes, not just allow the suspect to conceal a body and say there is no crime. he goes out to get an ice cream cone and is gone ten minutes and she miraculously disappears and leaves everything on the planet that she owns, treasures, can communicate, money, and leaves it right there. >> this is a difficult one to defend. a no brainer here. you have a person very close to her mother. she has family. she has a two-year-old and leaves her personal belongings
4:31 am
including her cell phone and her car and everything near and dear to her. you have this person who is the boyfriend who has a checkered past. >> judge jeanine: look at this. see what this is? take a look at this. this is a rap sheet. checkered past. and he beat her mother with a baseball bat. a wooden -- i should say metal from a table and what else, mark? >> chairs. >> chairs. >> judge jeanine: and they can't say that is crime has occurred. didn't they learn anything from josh powell. >> what they learn from television is no body no crime. >> that is the most ridiculous thing i have h heard. >> that works. >> we all know that is crime has been committed. the question is whether or not the body shows up. one of the things that does bother me about the case is she was so upset and concerned about her safety that she had been living with her family off and on again for the weeks pry. were red flags everywhere. >> all the red flags but still natalee holloway is missing
4:32 am
with the advice given to the son of the judge there is no body there is no crime and he was never charged with the murder. >> judge jeanine: i think we are getting past that and we know there have been prosecutions without a body. these women are not just dis' peering off the face of the earth. this buy is a batterer. >> you don't have to arrest somebody. you can conduct an investigation. if there hasn't been cell phone, residence, vehicle search warrants at his work, business, if they haven't done that they are just simply not doing their job. there is ample, ample material to be able to get a search warrant. >> drew peterson trial coming out not for the wife who has been missing. >> right, you're right. for the wife who drown in the tub and that is the easier case i would think. >> right. >> judge jeanine: i think one of the problems -- >> we both know why that is? >> why what is? >> judge jeanine: on the drew
4:33 am
peterson case they dropped the ball in the initial stages of that and didn't pursue drew petterson for that case. >> judge jeanine: and we will talk about that soon but not tonight. now, astrela carrera, found murdered in a bath tub wearing her wedding dress. the suspect, the groom. on the run. cops think he fled to the u.s. mix border. now, all right, guys, they say he is in a maserati. how hard is to to find a maserati traveling from illinois to texas? >> it is going to break down. it is a maserati, it is going to break down. >> honestly, look, the bottom line is they have more than a maserati. they have the cell phone tracking of records which demonstrate what his movement is. beyond that, judge. >> they have been tracking him from state to state. why racetrack they stopping h him? >> well, we he don't know if they are tracking a cell phone
4:34 am
or tracking the suspect. i think this is a planned crime. this is a domestic controlling stalker mentality. it was a secret wedding. he controlled everything. he controlled this. i think it was planned. i think he had his escape planned. in two days you can get anywhere. >> consciousness of guilt. >> he left a message. >> and an admission. why? because he called and indicated to family members he got into a fight with her and left her bloody. >> so we have a body but no suspect as opposed to a suspect and no body. but what bothers me, too, judge, about the case is this woman kept the relationship and marriage secret even from her cousins and friends she invited to the wedding. she didn't even tell them there was a wedding that day. said come on down to the restaurant we are getting together to celebrate. this guy really had this thing planned out. >> controlling. >> it also various medical examiner's circles marriage is the biggest risk factor in
4:35 am
murder and this clearly -- >> proves it. >> clearly demonstrates that. as long as they were boyfriend girlfriend with all their fights she survived but as soon as they get married the same day she gets stabbed to death. >> judge jeanine: very well said, doctor. >> what fred said about the phone call and he called back and admitted and told the family. as far as i'm concerned he was already at a place of safety when did that and he did that only to make sure somebody finds her in the condition he wanted her to be found. >> judge jeanine: in her wedding dress stabbed to death bloody in a bath tub. >> he will be apprehended and the only saving grace for him is that illinois does not have the death penalty. >> judge jeanine: here is the problem. if he is in mexico and remember this is a guy driving a maserati with novicible means of support. what does that tell you? that tells you he is in a business where he is able to survive and make money. it sells me he has friends. it tells me if you can cross
4:36 am
this country and get to the mexican border you are pretty sharp. you're right, he did premeditate it. >> and don't forget some of the exotic car sales are how they smuggle drugs into the country all the time and it is a great money laundering scam up front because the cars are so expensive. >> i don't think he is getting away with in. i think ultimately he will be apprehended and prosecute. >> he may be in a business where mexico may not have a problem with him. >> i have had cases even in new york city as the medical examiner, husband and wife get married. they goa get home and she cooka meal and she makes a baked potato and he says i want rice and she pit hits him in the head with a frying pan and kills him. the day after the wedding. >> that is why you eat out. >> any place my wife wants to go. >> judge jeanine: i will let that go and everybody can draw
4:37 am
your own conclusions. an fbi agent is missing. what happened to him? and the john travolta sex scandal. new details about one of the accusers. would you believe he is a blackbelt? [ male announcer ] what if you had thermal night-vision goggles,
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special agent steven ivans. a national security issues expert. the fbi says they continue around the clock searches. ivans is the father of a one-year-old. he is believed to have left with his weapon. okay, gentlemen. the fbi is being tight lipped about the case which i find is curious. should they be more forthcoming? >> well, i think the problem with -- when suicide is suspected as here that he may have committed suicide is that a lot of people didn't recognize it and feel guilty about it and doctors are very bad at treating people who are depressed who may be suicidal and don't give them proper treatment. >> that is true, too. but the fbi when one of their own is missing and it is no holds barred why do they think they are being so tight lipped, mark? >> we really don't know what his job function was what the fbi. we don't know what unit he left
4:42 am
when came to -- >> national security. >> we don't know, i mean national security goes quite a range. so we don't really know what he was exposed to. we don't know what his record is and where he was with the finn. we don't know if he has any kind of post traumatic stress situation. >> he was a cop about that. >> eight years lapd. are the wife is also tight lipped. she would certainly know why he is depressed. if he went into the canyon and actually committed suicide with the weapon, a canine will pick up the scent. that is pretty rare. >> they followed his subsequent into the mountain. >> not his scent with you the scent of a dead body. >> the problem is you have to be tight lipped. suicide potentially. national security. >> you are looking for one of your own. >> it is one of our own and i don't think there is any reason to be tight lipped. i think the natural course is
4:43 am
to open up in these circumstances. these at agents are people, to. i remember getting a call in the middle of the night when a dea with whom i work closely committed suicide. 20 years late are i still can't take his card out of my rolodex. >> the wife reached out to him, come back home. >> and that suggests to you that he voluntarily left and nothing more sinister happened. agree or disagreed? >> i'm really not sure what i agree about because there has not been enough information about him, his function, his family. and did he voluntarily want to stage the appearance that he committed suicide and just simply disappear himself. >> sounds from the records that he was depressed, that he went out there, that the wife thought -- notice the gun had been taken with him and he was never heard from again and if it as suicide and if the fbi
4:44 am
and the investigators feel there is enough evidence to indicate that there are privacy issues as joey said that maybe the wife doesn't want it spread. >> do you think they will find him, though, guys? >> if it as suicide. >> often the body is found by casual dog walkers and maybe a couple weeks from now. >> but the gun is indicative. that is his sidearm and if you are walking around anywhere you would teak your sidearm so every time he leaves the house he has his sidearm. >> but he is in a state of mental stress. >> judge jeanine: let's hope he is found healthy and well. any one with information on this call the fbi 24 hour hotline at 310-477-6565. mark, dr. baden, thank you. joey and fred our legal eagles, stick around. new details on one of the travolta sex accusers. he is a 250-pound 6-foot tall black belt. and they say diamonds are a
4:45 am
girl's best friend. but how about a stomach?
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>> judge jeanine: so far, five masseurs claim that actor john travolta sexually accosted them and we now know he the identity of one of them. a strapping 6-foot tall 250-pound black belt who is a masseur, nail technician, husband and father. dylon howard joins us. good to have you with us again. what can you tell us about this case? >> well, we have learned more details about john doe number two unmasked as you pointed out.
4:49 am
he is named john truesdale. he was the man who alleged john travolta made sexual advances to him at an atlanta hotel. he now is being helped as is john doe number one by gloria allred. while both have taken the cases from the court the question is what will the next step be. gloria allred known as the toughest negotiator in hollywood. she is going head to head with marty simmer, john travolta's attorney. so whether or not this goes back to court remains to be seen. it is the $4 million question if you like. one thing is for certain i can tell you that gloria allred will be wanting to get the cases settled. >> not the kind of person who goes to court. but dylan, travolta has side stepped these kinds of rumors in the past. how is he going to survive in hollywood now?
4:50 am
>> you know, judge, i spoke to a casting agent this week who said john travolta can almost kiss goodbye any chance of being cast as a leading man in a hollywood film again and this casting agent used the suggestion that the movie going public really doesn't have the ability to have confidence in him as a leading man now. he doesn't carry that cache if you like. i spoke to an imaging expert who said this is nothing more than noise. travolta has been able to survive these scandals. in 2006 he was photographed on the steps of a private plane kissing a male nanny that worked for the family at the time. marty singer said that is just what john travolta does. >> judge jeanine: thanks for being with us. and now to our legal eagles, joey and fred. >> that is not all he does. >> we heard five men say that
4:51 am
they have been accosted by john travolta. what does this say about the validity of the claims? >> you know what, judge, i have a few concerns. the first are the number of people coming forward as you suggest. could everybody be lying? that is problem number one. number works the consistency of the claims here. why are they all saying substantially the sai same thi. number three, they are not known to each other. if this is a fabrication by these people, shame on them. if john travolta did this, jim on him. >> what a difference a week makes. i hear you. but it is interesting, the first two that we really had a chance to look at. the second one, joe doe number two the day after the alleged encounter he sends an e-mail to his losses complaining about work conditions. never says one word about what was going on. >> even assuming that you can attack the validity of one. what about number three and four and five? the similarities?
4:52 am
>> not confirmed yet. >> he is d-u-n, done! >> judge jeanine: and, of course, the fact that the original lawsuits have been withdrawn, they can refile. >> withdrawn without prejudice. legal term means you can refile. >> and what effect does a 250-pound guy with a black belt, strapping big guy. is that going to have an effect before a jury? >> in front of a jury, judge, your job is to spin it this way. i spin it this is a big handsome guy and a travolta was ail tracted to him for this reason. >> judge jeanine: and you say it is about power and money, guys. and on to the next case. talk about a diamond in the roughage. police are waiting for an alleged diamond swallowing thief to produce the evidence worth about $20,000.
4:53 am
they have been waiting about a week. apparently a diamond not only is forever, it takes forever. like that one? but eventually this, too, shall pass. all right, joey and fred, i have never heard of a case where they are waiting for a guy to poop out a diamond. how does he swallow it to begin with. in. >> he walks into a store with a fake diamond. not the most well thought out crime i heard of. walks in with a fake diamond and tries to switch them and swallows the real one. you were a prosecutor. i say we go in and get the diamond out. >> go in there and -- >> get the diamond. >> judge, i understand people are wedded to diamonds, right. they are beautiful. they are pretty. we want them. >> here it comes. >> but this is what insurance is for. is it not? are we going really wait. if you had that diamond on your finger, judge and you thought about the history of where that diamond has been would it have the same significance with you?
4:54 am
>> judge jeanine: good point. >> does. >> does it come with a car fax report? >> they do have the right tohold him. the evidence is doing disappear if they don't him where they can watch him. >> and dumb criminals and
4:55 am
>> good point at which to mary, huh, guys? that is it for us tonight. thanks for joining us. e-mail us your comments. thanks for being with us. we'll see you next week.
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seam time. same place. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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thanks on our panel. >> john: if you speak out against islam you will be marked for death. >> thank god we have free speech but do we? >> they want to make sure you are not heard. >> he got fired and so did he and she and he. americans say they suppo


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